I play ukulele for over ten years now, mostly just for myself, occasionally jamming with my friends, anyway not good enough for the time spent. I got approached recently about the tabs for the German national anthem because I have a YouTube video (pretty bad sound quality) where I play this. I had the tabs on my website before I switched to GitHub pages but since I have been asked I put it on again in ASCII:

German national anthem
A ||------|-0---1-0-|-------5-3-|-1-0---1---|-3--||---0-|-------1-0-|-------3-1-|
E ||#-1---|---------|---0-1-----|---------1-|---#||-----|---0-------|---0-------|
C ||#-----|---------|-----------|-----------|---#||-----|-----0-----|-----0-----|
G ||----0-|---0-----|-0---------|-----0-----|----||-0---|-0---------|-0---------|

A |-0-0-2-2-3-3-|-8-7-|-7-5-3-5-3-|-3-1-0---0-1-|-3-5-1-----0---|---||
E |-------------|-----|-----------|-------------|---------1-----|-1-||
C |-------------|-----|-----------|-------------|---------------|---||
G |-------------|-----|-----------|-------0-----|-------0-----0-|---||

While I am on it, I add my favorite tabs for Happy Birthday as well:

Happy Birthday - Ukulele Tabs
A ||-----0---3-2-|-----0---5-3-|-----10-7-3-2-0-|-8-8-7-3-5-3-||
E ||---------0-3-|---------1-0-|------------1-1-|---------1-0-||
C ||---------0-2-|---------0-0-|------------0---|---------0-0-||
G ||-0-0---0-0-0-|-0-0---0-0-0-|-0-0------------|-----------0-||

I hope I will find time to improve this section later. Code blocks do not seem really suitable for tabs. :grinning: